Kristin Svanæs-Soot is a freelance photographer and retoucher
based in Oslo, Norway.

As a photographer Kristin mainly focuses on food, portraits and lifestyle with a passion for natural light, simple adventures, sustainable nature, tactile textures and intriguing moods.

As a high end retoucher Kristin works with both photographers, magazines, brands and advertising agencies across multiple genres from high end beauty portraits and other comprehensive adjustments and composite techniques to gritty landscapes and documentary photography requiring only a sleight of hand. 

Being both a photographer and retoucher gives her the edge of understanding the close and imperative relationship between photography and post-production, and which components being key to a great result. As an outright computer nerd and perfectionist she will gladly spend hours on end to ensure the final image looking fab.

Kristin also holds lectures and workshops both in photography and retouching/post-production. Lectures and workshops are always customised to gently fit the client(s) needs and level. 


Beauty, Food, Compositing, Fashion, Product, Portraits, Still life, Architecture. Kristin does it all, and always with creativity and a close attention to detail and client direction. 

On-set service as a digital technician with Mac running latest version of Capture One Pro and Photoshop, 27" Eizo CG monitor (studio only), Tangent panels and high speed backup. 

Colorgrading on a wide range of video formats. 



  • Advertising work: from 2.000 - 3.000 NOK per image (depending on complexity)

  • Editorial work: from 900 - 1.500 NOK per image (depending on complexity)

  • Special needs: 1.200 NOK per hour



  • Advertising work: 4.500 NOK per day (incl. equipment)

  • Advertising work: 3.000 NOK per day (excl. equipment)

  • Editorial work: 3.200 NOK per day (incl. equipment)

  • Editorial work: 2.500 NOK per day (excl. equipment)



  • 1.200 NOK per hour

All prices exclude VAT.